pulpTunes 1.3.1

Access iTunes from anywhere


  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to configure user groups
  • Buffer control for slow connections


  • Requires some router configuration
  • Subject to bandwidth fluctuations

Very good
Imagine being able to access your iTunes music collection from wherever you are in the world. It may sound impossible and complicated but it's not with pulpTunes.

pulpTunes works by providing a web server through which you can access all of your music. pulpTunes supports MP3 and AAC (M4A) files and allows you to either stream them onto your computer or download them. It will even display cover art if you've got any linked to your albums. In addition, you can even generate links to your collection that you can then forward onto friends so that they can share specific tracks any time.

Unfortunately pulpTunes does require some router configuration knowledge. You need to be able to open a port in order for pulpTunes to allow others to access your collection directly. In my case this was port 5000. You're then given an IP address which others can then enter into their browser to access the music on your computer.

Obviously, you don't want the whole world being able to access your music which is why pulpTunes allows you to configure a username and password to limit access to your collection. You can create user groups for different levels of access or just allow full access to your collection.

The effectiveness of pulpTunes is limited somewhat by your connection speed. However, even those on slow connections can enjoy it because there is a buffer level adjustment bar that allows you to increase buffering for slow connections so that your music doesn't get interrupted.

For a free application, pulpTunes is a brilliant and simple solution to those that need to take their music wherever they go.

Added support for iPad Added experimental support for Android


  • Added support for iPad Added experimental support for Android


pulpTunes 1.3.1

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