pulpTunes 1.3.1

Remote web access for your iTunes library


  • Easy to set up and use
  • No need to have iTunes running


  • Access is opened by default. Remember to check settings!

Very good
You have a great iTunes library at home that you would like to also use at work. Is there a way to do it without duplicating your entire MP3 collection? Yes! It's called pulpTunes and it enables you to access iTunes remotely via a web server.

pulpTunes is really easy to use. Simply launch it on your home computer – or the computer that hosts the iTunes library you want to use – and jot down the IP address given by the program. Note that you'll need to open port 15000 in your firewall for pulpTunes to work; otherwise you will only be able to test it locally.

Once you do that, your iTunes library will be remotely accessible via any web browser. All you have to do is enter the IP address pulpTunes gave you and you'll gain access to a nice web interface from which you can browse your playlists, manage music playback and even download the MP3 file right to your computer.

pulpTunes grants access to anyone by default, but it also includes a user management tool that enables you to set a password and restrict access to selected users. There's also the possibility to create user groups with different privileges.

If you'd like to enjoy your iTunes library, no matter where you are, pulpTunes is the program you need.

Added support for iPad Added experimental support for Android


  • Added support for iPad Added experimental support for Android


pulpTunes 1.3.1

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